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Does Yoga Really Build Muscle? Unveiling the Power of Yoga for Strength Training

Updated: May 28

When we think about building muscle, we usually think about lifting heavy weights and doing exercises like bench presses to get big muscles. But there's more to getting strong than just these usual gym routines.

An illustration showcasing a yogi with the physique of a bodybuilder

Yoga, a practice that many people link with being flexible and relaxed, might be a great way to get stronger.

You might not think of yoga as a way to build muscle at first. It seems much calmer than the intense workouts at the gym. But if you've ever tried holding a Warrior II pose or doing a fast-paced Vinyasa sequence, you know that yoga can really make your muscles work hard.

So, does yoga help build muscle? Absolutely.

How do you use yoga to build muscle?

  • I mostly lift weights but do some yoga to stay flexible

  • I mainly do yoga but also lift weights to get stronger

  • I do both yoga and weightlifting equally

  • I only do yoga and think it’s enough for building muscle

What is Muscle Building?

Muscle building means making your muscles bigger and stronger. It happens by challenging them through exercise. The main principles are consistency, intensity, and recovery.

Importance of Muscle Hypertrophy for Overall Fitness

Muscle hypertrophy is the growth of muscle fibers. Bigger muscles improve strength, endurance, and metabolism. This means you can lift more, run faster, and perform better in all physical activities.

Mechanisms of Muscle Growth

Progressive overload involves continually increasing the weight, reps, or intensity of your workouts. Your muscles adapt to the stress, which makes them grow. Always push a bit harder than last time.

Mechanical Stress: Microtears and Muscle Fiber Repair Leading to Growth

Lifting weights creates tiny tears in muscle fibers. When your body repairs these tears, your muscles grow bigger and stronger. This cycle of breaking down and building up is essential for growth.

Metabolic Stress: "The Burn" that Contributes to Muscle Endurance and Size

Metabolic stress is the burning feeling in your muscles during intense exercise. This happens when your muscles are working hard and running low on oxygen. The burn signals your body to grow stronger muscles. Push through it for growth and endurance.

Yoga Helps Build Muscles

Yoga, especially types like Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, and Ashtanga, helps build strong and toned muscles. Many people, including bodybuilders, might not know how tough these yoga styles can be.

Power Yoga is like a workout that makes your heart beat faster and burns a lot of calories, about 237 in 50 minutes. This helps in making your muscles stronger and more toned​ (Peloton: The ultimate fitness experience)​​ (Happiest Health)​.

In a 45-minute Power Yoga class, people’s heart rates were high, which is great for burning calories and getting fit​ (Peloton: The ultimate fitness experience)​.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga has moves that link with your breath, making your muscles stronger and more flexible. Regular practice can make your core, legs, and arms stronger.

A pose called the Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga) works out many muscles at the same time, helping your whole body get stronger​ (Yogadura)​​ (Happiest Health)​.

Ashtanga Yoga is very structured and intense. It builds muscles by repeating moves and holding poses, making your core, legs, and chest stronger. This type of yoga helps your muscles grow over time by making them work harder each time you practice​ (My Vinyasa Practice)​.

While lifting weights might build muscles faster, yoga makes muscles strong and flexible. It also helps your mind feel good. Yoga is great for making lean muscles and improving muscle endurance, which is helpful for sports and other physical activities​ (Marathon Handbook)​​ (My Vinyasa Practice)​.

Scientific Evidence Supporting Yoga for Muscle Growth

2010 Study: Progressive Overload in Yoga

A 2010 study found that progressive overload in yoga can boost bicep strength and muscle growth. Making poses harder over time builds muscle.

2014 Study: Mechanical Stress from Holding Poses

Research in 2014 showed that holding yoga poses longer creates mechanical stress, causing tiny muscle tears. This leads to muscle growth as the body repairs and strengthens them.

2020 Study: Stretching for Muscle Growth

A 2020 study highlighted that stretching in yoga promotes muscle growth, especially in the back muscles. Stretching keeps muscles under tension, aiding hypertrophy.

Even David Goggins does "Yoga"

Let me make this simple. Yoga is not just for muscles; it's for your whole damn life.

 More Than Muscle Building

Get Flexible, Balanced, and Stand Tall

Yoga stretches you out, making you flexible like a cat. It helps you move better and prevents injuries. Yoga also improves your balance and posture, so you stand and move like a champion​ (Home)​.

Prevent Injuries

Yoga is a game-changer for athletes. It makes your body more flexible and balanced, which helps prevent injuries. It also teaches you the right way to move, fixing any weak spots that could get you hurt​ (NCCIH)​​ (Home)​.

Know Your Body Better

Yoga improves your body's awareness. This means you’ll be better at sports and less likely to trip or fall​ (Home)​.

Reduce Stress

Yoga lowers your stress levels by focusing on breathing and mindfulness. This reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, helping your muscles recover faster and making you feel better mentally​ (Home)​​ (NCCIH)​.

Boost Your Weightlifting

Yoga and weightlifting together are powerful. Yoga makes you more flexible and balanced, helping you lift weights better and recover faster. It also builds mental toughness, crucial for hard workouts​ (NCCIH)​​ (Home)​.

Key Yoga Poses for Strengthening Muscle

  • Plank Pose

  • Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

  • Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

  • Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

  • Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

  • Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

  • Headstand (Sirsasana)

  • Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana)

  • Crow Pose (Bakasana)

  • Eight-Angle Pose (Astavakrasana)

Yoga vs. Traditional Strength Training: A Comparative Insight

Muscle Development and Tone

  • Traditional Strength Training: If you want to build muscle and get strong, lift weights. No excuses. Even 30 to 60 minutes a week can lower your risk of death by up to 20%. Strength training improves your metabolism, keeps your weight in check, and boosts your heart health. It’s simple: more muscle, more strength, better health​  (Harvard School of Public Health)​​ (BodyComp $40)​.

  • Yoga: Don’t underestimate yoga. It won’t bulk you up like weights, but it builds lean, functional muscle and endurance. Yoga poses like Chair, Crow, and Boat hit multiple muscle groups and build serious strength and endurance. Plus, it keeps you flexible and balanced​ (BodyComp $40)​​ (NCCIH)​.

The Power of Combining Both

  • Combining strength training with yoga is the ultimate combo. Lift weights to build raw muscle and power. Then, use yoga to enhance flexibility, balance, and mental focus. This combo gives you the best of both worlds: muscle strength and endurance, reduced injury risk, and overall better physical and mental health. Get strong, stay flexible, and be unstoppable.

Find the Best Yoga for Your Goals: A 10-Question Quiz


Building muscle usually brings to mind heavy weights and gym routines. But yoga can be just as effective.

Yoga might seem calm, but poses like Warrior II and Vinyasa flows push your muscles hard. Studies show yoga can build muscle. Progressive overload in yoga boosts muscle strength, holding poses causes mechanical stress that leads to growth, and stretching promotes muscle hypertrophy, especially in the back.

Yoga does more than build muscle. It makes you flexible, balanced, and less prone to injury. It also strengthens your mind and aids recovery.

Combining yoga with weightlifting gives you the best of both worlds. You get strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental toughness. Challenge yourself, push your limits, and grow stronger every day. Stay hard, stay focused, and keep moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga and Building Muscle

Can yoga really build muscle like weightlifting?

Yes, yoga can build muscle. It uses body weight to create resistance, which challenges muscles and promotes growth. While it might not bulk you up like heavy lifting, it builds lean, functional muscle and improves endurance.

What types of yoga are best for building muscle?

Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Ashtanga Yoga are great for building muscle. These styles involve intense, continuous movements and challenging poses that engage multiple muscle groups.

How often should I do yoga to see muscle growth?

Consistency is key. Aim for at least three sessions a week. Combine yoga with traditional strength training for the best results.

Do I need to combine yoga with weightlifting?

Combining yoga with weightlifting is ideal. Weightlifting builds raw muscle and power, while yoga enhances flexibility, balance, and mental focus. Together, they provide comprehensive physical and mental benefits.

How does yoga compare to traditional strength training in terms of muscle growth?

Yoga builds lean, functional muscle and improves endurance, flexibility, and balance. Traditional strength training focuses on muscle size and raw power. Both have unique benefits and combining them maximizes overall fitness.

Can yoga help with muscle recovery?

Yes, yoga aids muscle recovery by improving blood flow, reducing muscle stiffness, and promoting relaxation. It helps your muscles recover faster and more efficiently.

What are some key yoga poses for building muscle?

Some effective poses include Plank, Chaturanga, Warrior I, II, and III, Chair Pose, and Crow Pose. These poses engage and strengthen various muscle groups.

Is yoga enough for building muscle if I don't lift weights?

Yoga alone can build muscle, especially lean muscle. However, for significant muscle growth and strength, combining it with weightlifting is recommended.

Can beginners build muscle with yoga?

Absolutely. Beginners can build muscle with yoga by starting with basic poses and gradually increasing the intensity and duration of their practice. Consistency and progression are key.

How long does it take to see muscle growth from yoga?

Results vary, but you can start seeing muscle growth and improved strength within a few weeks of consistent practice. Progress depends on the intensity and frequency of your sessions.


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